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Legacy Annual Scenic Utah Bicycle Adventure

Pictures from LAGBRAU route

World's Most Scenic Bicycle Ride

About the Tour

For years many cyclist who are school teachers have expressed a strong interest in doing this ride across southern Utah, but couldn't.  Out of frustration some would say they will have to wait until they retire.  I am happy to announce that they will not have to wait any longer.  At least for 2015 we are going to move the dates up to accommodate teachers, students, and family members who could never do the ride because they had kids in school.  We plan to raise money to raise money to refurbish bicycles for youth to help them get involved in bicycling.  Did you know that 60% of all bicycle shop owners in our nation are 'baby boomers, and that not as many youth are taking up cycling?  What a shame!

Here in Utah many high school start back to school this year on August 19th, and many teachers start back the week before  Many moms are busy doing back to school shopping the week before school stats as well.  By scheduling this years ride a few weeks earlier than we have before, we hope this can become a last summer hurrah for families and even a family reunion for older families.

There is no better bicycle ride in the world to enjoy and savor such unique scenery, not even other Utah rides that cost more and see less.  We even include some hiking in national parks and speed boating up some of famous Lake Powell's Canyons. To avoid confusion with the previous 10-day ride, which was too long and difficult for many to ride and for us to manage, we shortened the ride and changed the name to LASUBA.  Listen to the comments of a recent rider about this ride and route by Dianne from Florida who describes it better than I could: 

"Hi Les, Thank you for a wonderful bike tour across Utah.  I've biked across 49 states but nothing compares to the scenery of this magnificent ride.  No two days of riding were alike. The highlights of this tour were the wonderful national and state parks that we cycled through or toured by van each day.  If we didn't have a chance to cycle through the sites, your most accommodating staff shuttled the riders to and fro.  Staying at Bryce National Park on the rest day, gave the cyclists' a chance to hike the many trails within that park and give their cycling muscles a much-needed rest. The parks we cycled or drove into were:  Natural Bridges, Goblin State park, Lake Powell boat ride through the canyons, Capitol Reef, Escalante Staircase (with Hogsback plateau), Anasazi State Park (to see the ancient ruins), Bryce Canyon, and topping it off with Zion at the end.  On the way, we saw buffalo, pronghorn antelopes, deer families, and mountain big-horned sheep.  I couldn't have dreamed of a better ride with a most accommodating staff.  In addition, Jed's food catering services provided us with three delicious meals a day and those meals were superb. I am truly grateful for all the work you and your volunteers put into this tour and for making it one of the most memorable bike tours I've ever completed.   Thanks again, Dianne Franz (LASUBA 2013)."


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2015 Dates

8 Day LASUBA ~ August 7 - August 14, 2015

Rider Discounts

Early Bird Discount $100

Group (3 or more) $150

Immediate Family   $200

Returning Riders    $250

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Rider Comments

  • "I have ridden my bicycle throughout Russia, which is twice as big as USA, and in all 48 continental United States. But I have never seen anything that compares with what we saw on your ride. Southern Utah's LASUBA was like a bike tour to another planet."
    - Boris from Russia/New Jersey - 2007
  • "I have experienced about a dozen tours...LAGBRAU is the first ride I'd consider repeating."
    - Diana from Detroit - 2005
  • "The riding exceptional—a world-class panorama of spectacular scenery."
    - Karl from California - 2005
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Park Entrance Fees

Entrance into the National Parks in Utah on a bicycle, especially as part of a group, is a privilage pending approval of the rangers with the authority over permits. Because of the growing tourist volume of our parks in Utah, their concern for you as well as the motor vehicle tourist traffic, is very high. To make their jobs easier and to give us a better chance of being able to continue riding into those parks with their approval, it is necesary for us to make some changes. Read about the park pass changes. +

LAGBRAU 2013 Route Map