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Legacy Annual Scenic Utah Bicycle Adventure

Pictures from LAGBRAU route

World's Most Scenic Bicycle Ride

2017: About the Tour

The LASUBA Bicycle Ride was suspended indefinitely in 2016.  The Director/Founder was badly injured in a fall down some steps that led to 3 surgeries up to this point in time, with a couple more surgeries very likely before long.  This led to reducing the effort and funds to market and promote future rides in the most effective manners of the past 12 years that this ride or variations of it have existed.  This has provided us some time to evaluate the rides of the past 12 years and consider different ways to run it that could be more effective. 

No body disputes the fact that the route we chose has been incomparable, and arguably "the most scenic ride in the world."  However, the distances of the start and finish of our route are much farther from major airports than most rides making it harder to access than most rides.  But recognizing that its remoteness is part of what makes it so special as a ride, the organizers have not been willing to settle for a loop ride with the same start and finish closer to one or another of the airports that have been tried over the past 12 years.  While trying to find the best way to provide access to this amazing but sometimes very remote route, there have been some flaws with every option we've tried over the past 12 years, complicated at times with transportation and whether problems. 

All things considered, it is well worth taking the time to work through those issues to provide an incredible ride unparalleled by any other cycling experience.  A loop ride would cut the scenery on this route to about 1/3rd of all that is so different about the LASUBA.  It would still be nice as all the scenery in southern Utah is so unique, but it wouldn't be as special as when Diane from Detroit said it is the only ride she would consider repeating, or David from California called it "the ride of a lifetime," or Diane from Florida when she called it "her Dream Ride" after riding across 49 states, or Boris from New Jersey, when he compared it to "a bicycle tour to another planet, Southern Utah," or anything he had ever seen riding across Russia and all 48 continental states.

We have an idea of how we can avoid the different problems we've had during some of the years in the past, and if we continue to receive requests to bring it back by popular demand in September of 2018.  In the meantime, we have planned two new amazing Utah bicycle rides that will also astonish cyclist from all over the world, "This Is The Right Place" Bicycle Ride, which will be a new ride exposing many of the beauties of Northern Utah, and the new Moab MOABA (Most Outstanding Annual Bicycle Adventure), which will take place in Moab Utah during the second weekend in October during UEA weekend as an adventure and fundraiser for Boy Scouts and their families.   It will be 3 days long when the weather is perfect for cycling, and it will have an easier route for the scouts and their families, and a more difficult route for those cyclist who enjoy more of a challenge.

STAY TUNED! More information on these two new rides,including websites will be available soon!



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2018 Dates

To Be Determined - Most likely second week in September 2018.

Rider Discounts

Early Bird Discount $100

Group (3 or more) $150

Immediate Family   $200

Returning Riders    $250

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Rider Comments

  • "I have ridden my bicycle throughout Russia, which is twice as big as USA, and in all 48 continental United States. But I have never seen anything that compares with what we saw on your ride. Southern Utah's LASUBA was like a bike tour to another planet."
    - Boris from Russia/New Jersey - 2007
  • "I have experienced about a dozen tours...LAGBRAU is the first ride I'd consider repeating."
    - Diana from Detroit - 2005
  • "The riding exceptional—a world-class panorama of spectacular scenery."
    - Karl from California - 2005
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Park Entrance Fees

Entrance into the National Parks in Utah on a bicycle, especially as part of a group, is a privilage pending approval of the rangers with the authority over permits. Because of the growing tourist volume of our parks in Utah, their concern for you as well as the motor vehicle tourist traffic, is very high. To make their jobs easier and to give us a better chance of being able to continue riding into those parks with their approval, it is necesary for us to make some changes. Read about the park pass changes. +

LAGBRAU 2013 Route Map